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Zakir Naik (ZN)

I am asking Zakir Naik to debate with me in public on any Islamic subject any time he chooses. The only thing I ask  is the debate to be conducted by a referee. 
If ZN believes that Islam is a divine religion and he has something to say about it, then should he not gladly accept my challenge?

This article should be a very interesting, particularly for those who like to get answers for all their questions, irrespective of what the questions are.

Please read on...

Who is Zakir Naik (ZN): 

The master of knowledge who fully supports child marriage and proudly justifies a 53-year-old man marrying a seven-year-old child. ZN has a photographic memory that enables him to discharge verses from the Quran, Bible, Torah and Vedas at ease. However, he often quotes them out of context and interprets them in relation to his Islamic belief to be the only true religion.

Apart from the Christian writer, William Campbell, ZN has never accepted invitations to debate with non-Muslim scholars. ZN’s preaching is a blatant attempt to convert Christians and infidels to Islam. Such religious blindness has taken its toll on ZN, leaving him unable to realise the many serious mistakes and false statements he has made, and continues to make!

ZN tends to mislead his audience by playing on their emotional and religious sentiments. Although professing to be scientific and analytical about his explanations, most of the details he provides are often false interpretations without realistic evidence. He invites questions from his audience but is always twisting his answers to guarantee victorious results, aiming to convince the audience that the Islamic faith can handle any challenge. When ZN cannot answer a question rationally, or skewer his response to meet the crowd approval, he acrobatically alters the topic to confuse the questioner or shies away with an excuse. Unfortunately, the bulk of ZN’s audience is totally partisan and hence, they do not grasp his teachings’ absurdity nor his sleight of words.   

In my book I have elaborated about how ridiculous , deceiving, and misleading ZN's lectures when he talks about Islamic religion as peaceful and moral divine teachings for mankind. Here are some examples to show you what I mean:


Is sex with the salves allowed

in Islam ?

This is one of the lectures where ZN changed the subject, not only to avoid answering a simple question, but to confuse the questioner and shut her up!

The question was very simple and that was; ‘Are Muslim men allowed to have sex with their slaves’?

ZN’s response started by saying that the Quran is the only book on earth that has rules and regulations on how to treat slaves. ZN then changed the subject to talk about the UN Charter of Human Rights and its poor implementation particularly when it comes to prisoners of war (POW). ZN concluded that slavery is now abolished, and it’s no longer acknowledged in Islam, adding – if slavery is to come back then Islam would be the system to handle it.

My comment:
Dear Zakir, Just answer - 'Yes' or 'No', do not avoid the question and do not change the subject !

- ZN made a big mistake by saying or hinting that slavery is abolished in Islam – a statement for which he can be considered  apostate in the eyes of devoted Muslims.

- Taking women as slaves (either as war booty or buying them from the slaves markets) and having sex with them has been clearly sanctioned in the Quran by Allah (Chapter 70, verse 30 & Chapter 4, verse 24) as a divine privilege. Such privilege  can only be cancelled directly by Allah. This will never happen as Mohamed died almost 1400 years ago and before his death he declared the Quran to be conclusive and final.

- One would expect Allah, before anything else, to abolish the slavery prior to his announcement that he had perfected and completed his Islamic religion when he said,  few days before Mohamed death; "This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed My favour upon you and have approved for you Islam as religion." (Chapter 5 , verse 3).

Slavery is immoral and should be totally rejected and denounced all over the world


The 25 factual errors that were spotted within five minutes in

one of his lectures  

The noted errors are still awaiting ZN’s response



Answering an atheist - our free choice acceptance of submission to Allah was done at the creation of Adam.

The question was: “since God knew that some of us will end in hellfire, why should God, being ‘All-Knowing’ and ‘All- Wise’, let that happen” i.e. why did God not prevent that from taking place or at least give those doomed to hell the option to opt out?'  

ZN, in a nut shell gave his answer, the most ridiculous that one can get! Here it is; 'After the creation of Adam, Allah asked him to accept the trust and to submit to his instruction and because  Adam had accepted, his acceptance , as the father of all mankind, was considered as an acceptance of all the humans that would come after Adam.
My comment:     

This is the dialogue that took place between ZN and the questioner:

ZN: ‘We as humans, at the time of our creation, opted in and accepted the responsibility to worship God and be accountable for our actions.’

The questioner: ‘I do not remember that I was asked! Do you?’ asking ZN.

ZN: altering his approach 180 degrees responded with the following comments, that have no relevance whatsoever to the original question: 

  • Allah is testing us.

  • Setting the exam, one cannot ask for the results till one finishes the exam.

  • The Quran is 80% compatible with science so one should trust what the Quran is saying to be correct.

Here you are, you have heard the clarification that was given by an allegedly great Islamic scholar, something I could not make head nor tail of. I hope you can!?


Refuting ZN’s answers to some common  questions often asked by non-Muslims

In my book I have addressed and refuted the so-called most common questions asked by non-Muslims.


You will see that all the answers given by ZN are illogical, biased and have no genuine or scientific evidence to support any of them. This one is my favourite:

'Why are non-Muslims not allowed in Makkah and Medina?'

In his answer, ZN gave the most ridiculous justification! He said that Makkah is the Muslims’ wholly shrine that is treated as a military zone. Only those who are enrolled or involved in the military should be allowed to enter. Therefore, unless one is a Muslim, one would not be permitted to enter Makkah.

My comment

​​-  I just need to know on what basis ZN or Mohamed made Makkah and Medina to be regarded as a military zone?  Could it be that  Allah has stuffed both places with heavenly ammunition , rockets and angelical armour on earth? 

-  One wonders how ZN and all Muslims would react if the 145 non-Muslim majority countries exercised a ‘tit-for-tat’ policy so that on every church, synagogue and temple one could see a sign saying: ‘If you are a Muslim, you need to convert to our religion before    you enter – $5000 fine or a minimum six months’ imprisonment will be the penalty for trespassing’!

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