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Is Islam a divine religion?


The allegedly divine message that Allah revealed to Mohamed for the welfare of mankind. 


Apart from what they are told by the Islamic preachers or their parents, many Muslims have little knowledge about the Quran, such as the meaning of its verses or their objectives. Almost all of those who do not speak or fully understand Arabic demonstrate a near-to-zero knowledge of the Quran, maybe extending to a few phrases, or words that they utter like parrots.

Muslims read the Quran to gain rewards (Hassanat) from Allah. Their minds seem to have been disabled to read the Quran, its translation or its interpretation, with a critical or questionable approach.


Muslims believe that the Quran is the most perfect, the most comprehensive and the last divine book Allah bestowed on mankind.

What is marvellous about the Quran?

I wonder what Muslims would think of, or imagine if they discovered that the Quran is not a miracle and is full of:

  1. Contradictions

  2. Absurdities

  3. Brutal descriptions of punishments and tortures.

  4. Hate verses and vulgar language.

  5. Inequalities and biased legislation

  6. Pseudo-science

  7. Abrogated verses

  8. Plagiarised stories and texts from other religions.

  9. Wild imaginations of heavenly rewards

  10. Non-Arabic / foreign words

  11. It has no words for peace except in some Meccan verses which supported Mohamed when he was a poor shepherd. 

  12. Mohamed’s personal issues (hate, revenge, lust and affair, looting, atrocities and misogynistic attitude)

  13. Can be challenged even with clearer wording and meaningful verses. See the examples below.

In my book I have given full evidence to support all the above to be true.... 

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