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Is Islam a divine religion?

My aim is not to insult those who believe in Islam! I am simply stating facts, with clear evidence, for Muslims to rethink their faith with reason and see if any of what they are told to be the truth makes any sense!  

It will be left  to you to judge if:


A- Islam is a genuine divine faith or a man-made religion

B- The God of Islam (Allah) is All-Knowing, All Perfect, Just and Merciful. 

Or, is he an obsessive God who hates anyone disobeying him and disagreeing with Mohamed? Is he a passionate and loving God or, is he a God with a sadistic nature who enjoys burning people alive and making them suffer for eternity?

The three main elements of Islam are Allah, Mohamed and, the Quran. 

Let us have a close look and examine each element


What is what Muslims believe to be the only true God, the creator of all things, the one that has ninety–nine names indicating his attributes and his functions!


To Muslims, Allah is the absolute ruler that governs the universe alone without any partner or associates. He keeps a close eye on his creatures all the time, interferes and decides the fate of everything in the world.

He is unique and cannot be compared to any physical shape or image the human mind can conceive. .......


What is claimed to be the prophet that was chosen by Allah to deliver his last revelation, the Quran.


It has been said that Mohamed was the last appointed prophet on Earth and he was the most beloved person to Allah. The evidence of his prophecy was the Quran, the Islamic divine faith that Allah bestowed on mankind. Allah gave Mohamed and his Muslim men the following exclusive privileges.   .........


What is said to be the divine message that Allah revealed to Mohamed for the welfare of mankind. The Quran is divided into 114 Chapters containing 6,236 verses. The Quran was compiled some years after Mohamed's death. 

Muslims truly believe that the Quran is the absolute truth revealed to Mohamed from Allah.


Apart from what they are told by Islamic preachers or their parents, many Muslims have little knowledge about the Quran and almost all of those who do not speak or fully understand Arabic demonstrate a near-to-zero knowledge of the Quran, ........

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