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See how many of these questions you can answer by using a Free Mind approach based on reason and common sense.  You may ask all those who claim to be an expert on the subject but, please do not accept any answer unless it is fully supported by any evidence that meets one of these criteria:

- It can comply with logic 

- It can be physically examined  

- It can be scientifically tested 

Here are your 7 questions (1st group)

Questions that Muslims dare not ask​​ (1st group)

  1. Does Allah know where he came from and if so why he is keeping it a secret? 

2. Why does Allah need an army of angels to help him conduct his affairs and deliver his messages? He supposed to be fully undependable capable of doing everything on his own! 

3. Was Allah being fair in making Mohamed his favourite prophet, ignoring Noah who served him for 950 years, almost 45 times more than Mohamed?

4- What is the point of testing us if Allah knows the fate of each person that ever existed on earth? Does he need to prove to us that he knows it all ?

5- Allah said that he resided on his throne after he created the heavens and the earth, but where was he   residing before he created the heavens and the earth? 

6- What were the functions of Allah before he created the universe and mankind, and what will he be doing after the Judgement-day? Will he be keeping an eye on people he gathered in his hell and his heaven? Or will he just be there for the believers to enjoy his presence and get the constant pleasure of looking at his face as he promised? Or will he be creating another lot of people to glorify and worship him?

7. Think of  Allah's response to Muslims' prayers, begging for the changes they desperately need in their lives. Do you believe that: (a)- Allah would answer all, or some, of the prayers which he gets - millions every day? Or, (b)- Allah would not answer any prayer - for if he does, he would need to make endless changes to the divine plan he had supposedly already perfected? If the answer is (a), then Allah should be continuously modifying his original plan, the divine tablet, that one could no longer be called a perfect plan, hence; Allah, the maker of the plan, cannot be claimed as 'the All-Perfect'! If the answer is (b), then obviously all Muslims' prayers asking Allah to affect any changes are pointless and a sheer waste of time! What is your verdict and what shall Muslims do with Allah' promise in his Quran; ' Call on me: I will answer your (prayers)' (Chapter 40, verse 60) ?

Go on, express your thoughts, say whatever you wish, we just ask you to be polite and courteous 

Thanks for submitting

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