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Omar Suleiman (OS)


I am asking Omar Suleiman for a debate in public on any Islamic subject any time he chooses. I would only ask for the debate to be conducted by an independent referee. 


If OS believes that angel Gabriel has 600 wings has something to say about it, then should he not gladly accept my challenge?

This article should be extremely interesting, particular for those who like angels with 600 wings! Please read on...

Who is Omar Suleiman (OS) 

This guy is on a par with, if not better than, Nouman Ali Khan – delivering equally elegant and well-constructed English phrases to defend the Islamic faith, attempting to convince Muslims that peace, tranquillity and happiness can only be found by submitting to Allah and practising Islam. The one thing about OS that stands out is his professional ability in using wild imagination to ensure that his preaching is firmly injected into his audience’s minds. In my opinion, he truly lives in cloud-cuckoo-land. 


One cannot have any fruitful discussion with such a person. 

However, I would like to give you a flavour of what OS’s jargon is all about:

Here are some of  OS's teachings, where he gives examples of how the human brain functions when it is being fully controlled by a belief based on nothing but a delusion, or the wild imagination of deceiving supernatural myths!? 

You have to be either a lunatic or totally blind to believe in what you are going to hear!!!! 

The bearer of the throne angel 

According to OS, the prophet says I've been given permission to tell you about just one of those angels who carry the throne of Allah. He said: the distance between his earlobe and his shoulder is a journey of some 700 years for a bird flying continuously.

(Unbelievable! The distance is about 250,000,000 km and this means that

the angel’s height is nearly 3,450,000,000 km). 

Here you are – you have the secret and all one has to do now is to take a deep breath to recover from the astonishing shock!

My Comment:

​​If this is the size of one of the eight angels carrying the throne, can you imagine how big the throne is, and can you imagine the size of Allah, the one who sits on the throne? I just cannot imagine how anyone with a sound mind could buy such an utterly ridiculous and irrational statement!

The angel Gabriel has 600 wings each is capable of destroying a nation

Another secret that Mohamed had revealed according to OS: ‘Gabriel has 600 wings and there are constant rubies and pearls falling from them. The colour of his wings is green, and the soles of his feet are green. This angelic form is unmet by any of the other Angels.’

My Comment:

- I can not imagine how Gabriel could be aerodynamically stable flying with 600 wings? I have studied aeronautical engineering and for the life of me I cannot figure out how this can be possible, unless all the wings move at the same time, in the same direction covering the same distance!

- What does Gabriel do with so much rubies and pearls coming out of his 600 wings and where such massive treasure go when it constantly coming off his wings?

- One wonders why Allah only talk directly with Gabriel and through him only, he communicates with his senior angels? Can one consider this a wise communicative approach of Allah towards his staff, and that meant to teach us the professional way of effective communication and dedication of  tasks and responsibilities?

- Apparently Gabriel was always there helping 124000 prophets including Abraham, Mohamed and even he was waiting for Joseph in the well to cushion him for soft landing when his brother throw him into a deep well . The question is - where was the mighty Gabriel when:

   *  Mohamed decided to slaughter 800 men of the Banu Quryza tribe.

   *  When over 3 million innocent Iraqi and Syrian people were killed, mainly due to sectarian conflicts among Muslims

       since 2003 

   *  When some 1.5 million Armenian were massacred by the Ottoman sultanate

   *  When 2996 innocent people were killed in September 11 attack  .... and the list goes on and on

 Was Gabriel busy looking after prophets or should one assume that Allah decided not to get involved with mankind after the death of Mohamed?

Allah has sent 124,000 prophets 

My comment:


That is what OS said, confirming it with a specific hadith  (*). Among the 124,000 prophets there were 315 messengers. Gabriel was guiding and supporting each one of  them.

- One wonders why Allah had to send 124,000 prophets. Why not 100,000 or 125,000 ? Was the number precisely 124,000 ?

- Where did all the prophets go and what records do we have of them? Besides, where are the books of the 315 messengers? Have they all been lost or forgotten about, since we have only been told about three of them? Or were the remaining 312 messengers illiterate and simply unable to learn how to read and write?

(*) Imam Suyuti in his al-Hawi stated that al-Hakim reported that Abu Dharr asked the Prophet (s) how many prophets and messengers there were, and the response was respectfully, 124,000 and 313 (in another narration 315).

Cutting open Mohamed's chest 

The first open heart surgery in history!  

Just click on this video to find out how it was done and by whom.

One more fascinating thing told by OS! It was the open heart surgery that was performed successfully on Mohamed 1400 years ago. It was done by the lead angel, Gabriel.


All the exiting details are clearly mentioned in this video where OS emphasised that the prophet’s heart was physically taken out to be purified.

My Comment:

The only comment I have here is such story 'Mohamed open heart surgery' could have been nominated as one of the best stories for 'One Thousand and One Nights tales ' !​

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