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Nouman Ali Khan (NAK)


I am asking Nouman Ali Khan for a debate in public on any Islamic subject any time he chooses. I would only ask for the debate to be conducted by an independent referee. If NAK believes that the Quran is a divine and miraculous and he has something to say about it, then should he not gladly accept my challenge?

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Who is Nouman Ali Khan (NAK) 

INAK is a smart preacher, of great verbosity, with a highly acrobatic skill of interpretation, simulation and twisting the meanings of Arabic words to publicise and justify the so-called supreme characters of Allah and the divinity of the Quran. I would like to give this man credit for saying; ‘let us welcome those who want to criticise Islam, let us hear what they say’. That is great, and I am going to take him up on his offer by simply asking him to respond to every comment I have mentioned in my book (The Islam Delusion - Volume 2) and I hope he will address them in an open-minded manner using reason and logic.

What else you should know about NAK

NAK, like other top-class religious preachers, is very professional in telling well-tailored stories that have often been fabricated and inflated to serve a specific agenda, with no-one to testify to the events and no solid evidence to present, except verbal narrations that he believes to be true, coming from so-called trustworthy men-of-God!

NAK found himself able to shine and guide others to the right path after, in his opinion, he mastered the Arabic language, something that uncovered for him a priceless hidden treasure. He found the word of Allah to be not only incredible and fascinating but miraculous in every sense. As a saved Muslim, NAK spares no time in sharing his findings with the rest of the world, hoping that everyone will be guided to submit and worship Allah, the true God almighty as Muslims claim.

What are NAK's claims and what is the core of his preaching propaganda?

NAK’s claims are no different to what Muslim scholars and preachers have been saying for many years – baseless verbal narrations that, for centuries, have repeatedly been used to publicise and defend the Islamic faith. The narration’s main ingredients are vast Quranic verses and often fabricated, unrealistic, hadiths loaded with fears and punishments. They are all combined with unfounded supernatural events, often orchestrated by so-called divinely-inspired characters. This package is injected into the human mind as hard evidence of Allah’s existence and that Islam is his true religion. Such unattested evidence has been blindly adopted by Muslim scholars who are unable to criticise their belief or search for the truth – being religiously mind-controlled, with little or no knowledge of science, natural laws and human psychology.

Let me give you a few examples of how NAK try to assert his ideas

A. The historical integrity of the Quran has been confirmed by the hieroglyphic records traced in Germany and Austria.

I have addressed this issue at length in my book where one can see how I refuted this claim with solid evidence. 

​B. The word of Allah, being revealed in Arabic, is so incredible and remarkable. The Quran is a miracle​

Let us check his second claim - The word of Allah being revealed in Arabic is so ineradicable - The Quran is remarkable, stunning and mesmerising religion that was ever revealed. Most Muslims do not see such beauty because they are suffering from faith deficit...


NAK and Muslim scholars think that people are stupid if they do not believe in Allah and Mohamed and follow their instructions! NAK and apologists, in line of their Islamic belief, should have realised that stupid and faulty products are the outcome of a faulty and imperfect producer or maker! It is a very simple logical statement; " A faulty design comes from a faulty and imperfect designer". Therefore,  if anyone is to be questioned for people becoming stupid and non-believers, it would be Allah in the first place! 

NAK has not brought anything new to the table! He was simply trying to represent Muslim scholars’ evidence in different appealing and attractive ways, misinterpreting and swiftly juggling the meanings of many Arabic words to fit his purpose – those words that NAK cherry-picked from the vast Arabic vocabulary.​

NAK selected three examples to tell us how remarkable and meaningful Allah’s words are:

  • Allah calls his created female ‘a woman’ before marriage and a ‘wife’ after marriage? Because a female can be productive after being married, hence the word ‘wife’ is more suitable and uplifting!

  • Asked by NAK: ‘Did you know why in the Quran all prophets used to call their people ‘my related nation’ except Jesus who used to say to his people ‘the children of Israel’? Here is your answer which, according to NAK, is truly astonishing! “Because Jesus had no human father hence it was not appropriate for him to call his people ‘my related nation’.”

  • NAK gave another example of how Allah had picked up, from two similar words, one that most fitted his statement, reflecting Allah’s massive generosity in rewarding the righteous people! NAK said that, in Arabic, there are two words used to describe the plural of the wheat stalk: (a)- ‘Sanabel’ and (b)- ‘Sunbulat’. The first plural indicates an abundant quantity of stalks while the second plural indicates few stalks. Allah, in his Quran, used the first word to relate the idea that a generous reward would be awaiting the good doers in the life after. While, elsewhere in the Quran, he used the second one to indicate a limited materialistic gain in this life. WOW!


My comment:

Here you have it, some clear examples of God’s wisdom and profound knowledge in using the Arabic language to perform some linguistic marvels. Let us just see if NAK had given any thought to this comment:

1.  The word ‘wife’ is more uplifting than the word ‘woman’.

For 94% of the world’s population who do not speak Arabic, the words ‘wife’ and ‘woman’ have equal status except that the responsibilities of a wife are far greater than those of a single woman.

2.  Jesus calling his people ‘the children of Israel’.

It is logical and very much expected for someone who had no blood relation with the people that he happened to live with, to call them by their name rather than ‘my people’. Where is the wonder or miracle in that, especially when it came from a person such as Jesus, the man who convinced millions that he was the son of God.

3. ‘Sanabel’ versus ‘Sunbulat’.

Again, this would not make any sense to the 94% of the world’s population who do not speak Arabic. One would expect Allah to be straightforward by using numbers to indicate the difference in his level of rewards!

Apparently, Allah, for some reason, selected the Arabic language, spoken by few people in a remote desert at the time, to deliver his message in a linguistically miraculous way!

Let us further see if NAK can answer any of the following questions:

Q1- What is so special about the Arabic language to be given preference by Allah , the so-called All Mighty, the creator of  the Universe? It may be special to those who speak it but certainly not the 94% of the world population, and of which 99% would find Arabic difficult to learn and comprehend! If the Quran was revealed, say, in the Chinese language, would the Arabs still see it as a linguistically miraculous holy book and would Allah still be challenging them to produce the same?

Q2- Did Allah find that the languages in which he revealed his other divine books were no longer suitable, and decided to use a new language, selecting Arabic as the best? If so, on what basis and why Allah had to teach Adam, according to NAK, all the languages spoken on earth, almost 6500 of them , and after that he settled on the Arabic language as his preference? It would have been less hustle and far less confusing if Allah only taught Adam  one language, the Arabic which Allah found  to be most expressive and eloquent for his final divine book!  

Q3-Would not one expect Allah to select the most suitable language at the time and not the one which, even after 1400 years, is only known to less than 6% of the world’s population?

Q4- If Allah chose the Arabic language for his final message to mankind, could he not just add that magic touch to his Arabic Quran to maintain its powerful effect when it is translated into other languages since the Quranic text would not maintain its intended meaning once it is translated to other languages!

Q5- Why did Allah not put and maintain such powerful and linguistically miraculous words in his other two divine books, the Bible and the Torah? Was there a particular reason for Allah to protect and present the Quran as his best book and simply ignore his other two books?

D. Islam has truly respected women and treats them in every honourable way

Let us look deeper and try to find any justification for the Quran to be claimed as miracle.

I have found this claim to be just baseless and unfounded ! But then again, anything could be a miracle if we consider that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’! Let me give you a few examples why such claim is false.

  • How could anyone find Allah’s confirmation that his hellfire is fuelled by stones and live humans as miraculous.....

  • Would Allah's instruction to men to beat their wives be considered elegant or .........

  • Or would you rather consider Allah’s instruction to severely punish and mutilate ........... a miracle?

  • How about the divine instruction giving Muslim men the right to have unconditional sex with .......sick men who enjoy raping women!

  • I know! It must be the privilege, allowing Muslim men four wives and unlimited numbers of sex slaves  or concubines........

  • Or is it a miracle that Allah is able to converse with his hellfire, a non-living thing, asking it ........

  • Or would the miracle be Allah's expressive words on how he dealt with the non-believers, cursing or destroying them, such as Allah’s decision to wipe out Noah’s people by drowning them all......... I think this is the miracle, as Allah was patient with Noah and his people for 950 years before he destroyed the entire nation !

  • And Allah's cursing of the people of the book and changing them into apes and swine because ........and We said to them, ‘Be apes, despised.’”! This must be the one that NAK was talking about as it would take a miracle to change a human into an ape or a pig!

  • Before I give up, let me just pick up one more verse as I might get lucky! How about verse 8 in Chapter 95 where Allah swears an oath by the the fig and the olive to assert that he created man in the best form, then reduced him to the lowest of the low! This must be it as it has to be a miracle for anything to change from its very best form to the worst that it could ever be?

Let us have a close look at NAK's fourth claim - ​​Islam has truly respected women and treats them in every honourable way

To support his claim that Islam is the best religion in its treatment of women, NAK quoted this Quranic verse, in which Allah is saying: ‘look after women, by mentioning the word ‘wombs’! ‘O mankind fear your Lord, who created you from one soul and created from it its mate and dispersed from both of them many men and women. And fear Allah, through whom you ask one another, and the wombs.’(Chapter 4, verse 1)

This is clear misinterpretation, as the ‘wombs’ here means respect and refers to looking after your parents and close relatives. It is amazing how desperate Muslim apologists are to cover up the horrible degradation and abuse that women have suffered under Islam and the Sharia law.​

It is amazing how could anyone with a sound mind claims that Islam respected women after looking at the following decrees - all of which had been sanctioned by Allah and Mohamed for women:

- A Muslim woman can only marry a Muslim man and .........

- He / She cannot  marry an .........  

- A Muslim man can marry four women at a time, but a Muslim woman can only take one husband. Mohamed can have ......

- A child marriage is allowed, with no limit on the husband’s age.

- A divorced wife loses custody of all children over 6 years of age.

- A man can unilaterally divorce his wife by saying; ‘you are divorced’. A wife needs her husband's consent to divorce.

- A Muslim man is free to force any captive non-Muslim woman to have sex ........or rape her at his leisure.

- A woman cannot speak alone to ..........  

- A woman is not allowed to be a leader....... 

- A girl’s clitoris should be cut 

- A man can beat his wife for insubordination.

- A male convicted of rape can have his conviction dismissed by ..........

- Testimonies of 4 male witnesses are required to prove rape of a female. 

- A woman or girl who alleges rape, without producing .........., is guilty of adultery.

- A woman must wear a head covering (facial covering for some conservative Muslims) in the presence of any non - mahram.

- A three times female divorcee can remarry her ex-husband only if she ......., had sex with him, and got .........

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