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Mohamed Rateb Nabulsi (MRN)


I am asking Mohamed Rateb Nabulsi for a debate in public on any Islamic subject any time he chooses. I would only ask for the debate to be conducted by an independent referee. If MRN believes that the Quran is miraculous and has something to say about it, then should he not gladly accept my challenge?

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Who is Mohamed Rateb Nabulsi (MRN) ​


This guy should be called ‘Einstein II’ and he might get this title officially if he can come up with a formula to prove the Quranic Einsteinian miracle that he often mentions, something he picked up from another Muslim apologist. It is the stereotype concept that I already refuted in Chapter 5. In the Quranic verse (Chapter 32, verse 5) it was claimed that the speed of light travelled in one day was equal to the distance travelled by the moon in 1,000 lunar years.

I believe this claim is MRN’s favourite one that he has announced a few times to impress Muslims about Quranic scientific wonders. Well, his lecture is clear but what he forgot to do was to demonstrate the proof. The figure I came up with, based on the same factors given by MRN, is 3,081,210,527 km – way off the claimed result! Furthermore, I would invite those who believe MRN to check out this third-party investigation of the same issue. 

 It was calculated by a professional who ended up concluding: ‘such a trick was done by a clever guy telling you that Allah is lying to you!’​

This video will show you the fallacy  of the speed of light miracle in the Quran 

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