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Linda Sarsour (LS)


I have no problem to debate with Linda Sarsour providing she brings her Mahram with her, the least I expect from her in compliance with the Sharia law she is desperate to legislate. If LS believes in the Sharia and can justify all the tragedies resulted from such law, then should she not gladly accept my challenge?

This article should be interesting in highlighting the difference between two women activists, one is keen on removing vaginas and the other is fighting for women rights and freedom!

Who is Linda Sarsour (LS):

She is the woman who appears to have taken full advantage of Western freedom and liberty, which she was lucky and privileged enough to acquire and enjoy. LS seems to be pushing hard for female leadership status, a position like the famous ‘Huda Sharawi’ (1879-1947), who was the first female Muslim to reject women’s abuse and establish rights that hardly existed in the Arabic and Muslim communities at the time.

LS has taken a totally different direction from Huda Sharawi! She has chosen to be a perfectionist in delivering the Islamic propaganda of hate and racism against non-believers.


Recently, she had the nerve to announce that the vagina of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, an activist ex-Muslim woman, should be taken away. This was her response to the brave stand of the woman who rejects the myths of Islam and is calling upon Muslims to stop enslaving and abusing women.

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