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The Arab Islamic World

5- The 20th and 21st centuries period (1918 till 2018)

Full details in my book ' The Islam Delusion - Volume 2'  

After the fall of the Ottoman empire and the trial run failure of King Faisal I to be the new leader of the Islamic world in 1916, Muslims failed to find a supreme figure or dynasty that could, once more, take the lead and pursue the Islamic mission. Being divided, exploited for centuries and left with deep sectarian or tribal conflicts, Muslim leaders, mainly Arabs, often inexperienced and religiously oriented puppets, ruled over a vast land of chaos. They only had one concern - holding tight to their inherited survival kit - the kit that been handed down from their ancestors and their masters.

A comprehensive manual clearly labelled; ‘A Survival Kit – How to permanently cling to power!’ This manual had 1400 years personal experience of prominent caliphs, kings, emirs, sultans, military generals and religious scholars who were mostly dummies, tyrants, selfish or corrupted rulers. The results have been startling - not only in respect of the negative inputs coming from the 57 countries of Muslim majority, but also demonstrating high levels of tyranny, corruption, brainwashing, injustices and human rights abuse.

These results have clearly manifested themselves in the 20th and 21st century giving a clear picture of the huge damage that has plagued Muslims after 1400 years of embracing Islam.


Summary of the main events / the outcomes during the 20th century and early 21st century:

- Muslims ended up divided into 57 independent states most of which have a very poor records of morality, education and

   human rights.

- Most Muslim states are under-developed.

- No two states of the 57 have managed to become united.

- Nearly 40 percent of Muslims, mostly female, cannot read or write.

- Pakistan has seven million children who do not go to school and  more than 4 million serious drug addicts.

- Muslim states have the highest rates of suicide, murder, rape and mental health problems. 

- Out of 900 Noble prize winners (1901-2015) only 12 were Muslim. This is hardly a worthy achievement for the 1.6 billion

  Muslims, nearly a quarter of the world population!

- Unprecedented human rights abuse in many of the Islamic states. 

- Sectarian conflicts, mainly religious, that has claimed over 3 millions lives in the 21st century between 2003 and 2018.

- An agreement for the Arab countries to get together and help each other under what  is now called the 'Arab League'. An

  assembly  that has proven to be useless and hopeless

- The establishment of a new radical Islamic State called ISIL based in Syria and Iraq. ISIL has been behind the killing of

  hundred of thousands of innocent people and the disperse of millions fleeing for their lives.

- The establishment of an allegedly liberal Islamic party called "Muslims Brotherhood Party". The party that has been trying

  since 1923 to be the front runner in saving Muslims and reviving Islam, but even with its 15 million supporters , its leaders could

  only hold on to power for less than a year when they had the chance to govern their country.

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