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The Arab Islamic World

1- Mohamed period (601-632)

Mohamed was a genius of his time who managed to get the right ingredients he needed to spearhead the establishment of his empire. 

His incentives, or Allah’s guaranteed rewards, were very effective to work miracles on his followers - simple people that believed in him and were ready to give up everything for his cause. In return, they would receive massive rewards that were promised by Allah the ‘All-Mighty’ - the guaranteed prizes some of which would be given in this life and some would be granted in the life after.

Here is a short list of what Mohamed promised, mainly to his men, being the core elements for building his empire:

  • Paradise in the life after for anyone who fights and get martyred in Allah’s name 

  • Seventy-two most attractive virgins assigned to serve each martyr and fully satisfy his sexual desire as soon as he departs from this earthly life.

  • Muslim warriors are entitled to substantial booty gains in any fight against infidels or non-believers. 

  • Muslim can enslave and have sex with any non-Muslim captive women.

  • Muslim men are empowered over women, so they should always feel their status as masters. 

  • Muslim men can have up to four wives, can marry non-Muslim women and can beat their wives if they are not obedient or being suspected of any mischief. ​

​​After 22 years of claiming his prophecy, Mohamed managed to establish a strong Islamic state feared by the two great empires at the time - the Byzantine and the Sasanian Empires.

Full details in my book 'The Islam Delusion Volume 2' 

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