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The proofs that we have for Allah's existence are nothing but various claims mentioned repeatedly in the Quran. These claims come under three categories:

1- Direct announcements

1.1 Allah's prime announcement describing himself as eternal, absolute, unique , having no offspring , nor is he born from anything and there is none equal to him (Chapter 112)

1.2 Further general announcements in different verses where Allah claims that he exists and he possess many superior features highlighted in his ninety nine names mentioned in the Quran.

2- Allah's claim to be the creator and the prime controller of everything we see around us. (people, animals, plant, life, death, skies, stars, moon, sun, wind, cloud, rain, thunder, day and night). Allah specifically claims that he is the one that makes birds airborne capable of flying and make ships to get afloat and enable them to sail.


3- His challenges:

No one will be able to duplicate his Quran

No one but Allah is capable to bring a dead human or animal back to life

No one can help people when they are in need except him.

Undeniable acknowledgement from people saying;"it is Allah who created us" if were asked who created them. 


In my book 'The Islam Delusion - Volume 1 , Chapter 6' I have discussed to a great length and in a simplified manner all the main evidence available so  far to prove God's existence. I have also addressed other claims of God's existence such as gut feelings, and hearing godly voices. All have been refuted in a professional manner with clear evidence based on reason and common sense.  

The evidence of Allah’s existence

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