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This can only be done by Allah, either directly by revealing a new Quran or bringing Mohamed back to change the existing Quran and many of his so-called divine hadiths. The reformed Quran should not include verses or decrees supporting slavery, misogynistic teaching, child marriage, fighting and killing nonbelievers, unduly severe punishment, the disfiguring of human bodies, revenge, hate, vulgar speech, inequality, and puzzle codes (see pages 66 & 67). The list below highlights the main concerns that the new Quran should address, to proclaim that it can accommodate a religion of peace or peaceful Islam. Apart from the two options mentioned above, Muslims have no other means to reform their Islamic teachings, and this is due to two reasons:

  1. ………………….

  2. ………………….. Read all about it in my book

For Islam to prove itself peaceful, it must abolish the following inhumane rules along with many Quranic instructions and decrees that have had severe impacts on mankind:

  1. Slavery (see pages ---).

  2. Wife beating and abuse (see page -----).

  3. Child marriage and child abuse (see pages ------31 & 91).

  4. The privilege given to Muslim men to rape and have unconditional sex with nonbelievers’ captive women (see page---).

  5. Polygamy and owning concubines (see page -------58)

  6. Insulting nonbelievers and calling them apes and swine (see page ------28).

  7. Constant threats with hellfire and permanent torture for nonbelievers (see page -----90)

  8. Encouraging fighting with and killing nonbelievers (see pages -----13 & 89).

  9. Misogynistic legislation (see page ------94).

  10. Killing apostates, preventing freedom of belief and freedom of speech (see pages -----14, 37 & 43).

Should the author of the Quran wish to update his message to mankind, he could easily use a similar approach to when he updated His verse (8:65), see page 107. Allah announced that 20 steadfast believers would overcome 200 nonbelievers. He then changed his estimate to 100 believers being able to overcome 200 nonbelievers - a drastic reduction, after Allah realized that Muslims were not as strong as he gave them credit.

Allah, being the ‘All-Knowing’ and ‘All-Wise’, must have realised that His Quran, which had been suitable to people 1400 years ago, now needs a major update, especially to bring it in line with modern technology, civilization and human rights.

While updating His Quran, Allah would have a good opportunity to put millions of people’s minds at rest by providing them with proper answers to the many bewildering questions that have not been addressed for the last fourteen centuries, such as the following:

  • What is the undeniable proof of His existence, where did He come from and what does He look like? The only thing that Allah ever told us about Himself is in this short verse from the Quran which is vague, confusing and does not stand as evidence of anything; “Say, He is Allah, (who is) One, Allah, the Eternal Refuge. He neither begets nor is born, nor is there to Him any equivalent.” (The Quran, chapter 112)

  • Where are the seven skies mentioned in His Quran located? (See page 101)

  • How can one heavenly day equal between 1000 and 50,000 earthly days? (See pages 103 & 104)

  • What benefit did Allah gain from His universe, life and mankind? (See pages 198 - 200)

  • Why did Allah send three books, allowing the first two to be corrupted, and decide to preserve the third, the Quran? ………..”…..”       (15:9)

  • Why did Allah have to stop the devils from spying on His kingdom, after they had been allowed to do so before revealing His Quran? (See page 114)

  • What was the basis upon which Allah favoured Mohamed, who served Allah for 23 years, over Noah, who served Him for 950 years with complete devotion and loyalty? The Quran says: “And We certainly sent Noah to his people, and he remained among them a thousand years minus fifty years…” (29:14).

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