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Let us briefly look at the evidence stated in the Quran:

1- The unity chapter

‘Say: ‘He is God the one the most unique, Allah, the Eternal, Absolute; ‘He has no offspring, nor is He born from anything. And there is none equal to Him’

This can be claimed by anyone and unless it is backed up by solid proof, it can not hold true. It is like me saying; there is an infinitely large box out there in space. It has something in it that can not resemble anything one could ever imagine. The box came from nowhere and it is going to nowhere. It is totally invisible and it controls everything around us! Now how could anyone with a sound mind believe such claim unless I provide solid proof of its existence?


2- Direct announcements:

Anyone could make such announcements and it could certainly apply to any of those few thousand deities people believed in since they started feeling the need for Gods,  mainly to ease their fears and protect themselves from the mischief they repeatedly encountered in their lives (thunder and vicious storms, destructive floods, droughts, killing diseases, painful death and losses of loved ones). Any announcement holds no truth unless supported by hard evidence.

3- Allah's challenges:

- How could Allah be challenging some 96% of the world population who do not speak Arabic to produce a duplicate of the Arabic Quran. However, the challenge has been met, but Muslims will not even bother to look at the submitted challenges as they strongly believe, usually told and made to believe, that it is impossible for anyone to reproduce anything similar to the Quran.

- It is not true that all people would acknowledge Allah as their creator. In fact, 84% of the world population, that is few billions, may not know whom Allah is let alone believing in him.

Can we validate any of the Quranic evidence of Allah's existence?


In my book 'The Islam Delusion - Volume 1 , Chapter 6' I have discussed to a great length and in a simplified manner all the main evidence available so  far to prove God's existence. I have also addressed other claims of God's existence such as gut feelings, and hearing godly voices. All have been refuted in a professional manner with clear evidence based on reason and common sense.  

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