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The five golden rules as enforced by

the brainwashing machines:

1. Islam is the only rightful religion for mankind

This cannot be true! God would not have carried out trial and error revelation exercises to ..........

2. to believe that Allah is the only true god that ever existed 

If Allah is the one true God, then the other 2000 or so gods and goddesses, that non-Muslims believe in, are all false! This matter is .......


The question is; how can we prove that any of the few thousands , if any of them exists, to be the true God? They are all unseen beings that..........


If Muslims believe in Allah as the only true God , it is impossible for the 2.3 billion Christian or 1.2 billion Hindus to believe that Allah is .........

3. To believe that the Quran is the final divine scripture revealed by Allah 

This can be claimed as true by those who submit to Islam....... However, I have already presented sufficient evidence in my book to negate the belief that the Quran is of a divine origin.

4. To believe that Mohamed is the final prophet  

​This is a matter of opinion that cannot be supported by any proof, other than the stories that have been passed down through many generations. However, I would have thought that ..........Did they have to go through a ’who’s best’ competition with Mohamed becoming the winner? If so, on what basis was the decision made?

5. To believe that all those who do not believe in Allah are doomed to hell  

​I would have thought that Allah, being just and supportive of freedom of choice, should have no problem if people chose to believe in him or not. As has already been said, if Allah is ‘All Mighty’ and ‘above everything’, why should it bother him in the least if some people chose to be unbelievers?

​There is no doubt that the Islamic brainwashing experts, with their endless fairy tales and nonsense arguments, are trying hard to paint Islam with ..........

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