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THE BRAINWASHING MACHINES, the so-called men of God. The people that go to any extent to convince you of their beliefs which based on nothing but imaginations, deceiving illusions and fairy-tales 

There are thousands of Muslim preachers who constantly advertise Islam as the only correct and righteous religion chosen for mankind by Allah.

These preachers are often guided and controlled by dedicated Muslim sheiks or Imams who are experts in religious brainwashing. This tenacious guidance process aims to give them full and often irreversible control of human minds.

​​These preachers have three things in common:

  1. Their lectures are one-way streets, often based on the legendary evidence of so-called ‘Faith’, the belief and complete trust of their hidden supreme deity ‘Allah’.

  2. They do not believe in one-to-one debate or discussion.

  3. ​Their main aim is to convince people that Islam is the only true religion that ever existed.​ 


Although some Islamic religious scholars are driven by evil, personal or political motives, most are convinced that submitting to Allah is the only way to save their skins, by complying with what I call the five golden

commandments or the five golden rules:

  1. To believe that Islam is the only rightful religion.

  2. To believe that Allah is the only true God who created the world and he alone governs everything.

  3. To believe that the Quran is the final divine book revealed by Allah to Mohamed, his best-chosen prophet.

  4. To believe in Mohamed as the final prophet and the most beloved messenger to Allah.

  5.  To believe that those who do not submit to Allah and Mohamed are cursed in this life and doomed to eternal hellfire in the life after.   

Let us look at the five golden rules and see how much of the truth they hold

A few examples of what Islamic faith does to Muslims

Let me show you what kind of religious brainwashing that being injected into millions of Muslim minds. I have selected the following seven characters, the tip of the iceberg, to whom I give full credit for their expertise in demeaning, hijacking and controlling Muslims.

Al Kaheel - Image.jpg
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