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Ali Al Kayali (AK)


I would love to debate with this man since he never debated with anyone! If Ali Al Kayali believes there is a night physics law and a farting thrust dynamic laws that he recently discovered and he has some genuine proofs to justify such laws, then should he not gladly accept my challenge?

This article should be interesting in highlighting the three new discoveries -  the nightly physics law, the farting jet dynamic thrust and the timing of Adam's arrival on Earth!

Who is Ali Al Kayali (AK):

The discoverer of the so-called ‘Night physics’, the genius who can prove that Satan travels fast by his farting thrust (using his fart as jet engine).

AK is convinced that Adam was brought down to earth after the dinosaurs vanished, arguing that if Adam existed while the dinosaurs were alive, he could have been eaten by them!

I hope to be able to write a separate book about this preacher’s wild imaginations and his most ridiculous interpretations of the Quranic verses that literally go way beyond any acceptable logic or common sense!

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