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Adnan Ibrahim (AI)

I am asking Adnan Ibrahim for a debate in public about his extraordinary claims of seeing jinn, releasing electric power through his body and his amazing discovery about women menstruating from their anuses.
If AI, as he asserted, strongly believes that he is blessed with many supernatural phenomena, then should he not gladly accept my challenge?

This article should be very interesting particularly for those who believe in jinn and thousands of miracles claimed by many people like AI. Such claims are often the result of a serious delusion disorder that currently millions of people suffering from. Please read on... 

Who is Adnan Ibrahim (AI) 

This man is probably the most interesting of the religious brainwashing machines that have existed so far!

 Here are his four specialities:



Arrogant and full of himself: AI often belittles and insult famous scientists and philosophers. He loudly declared that Richard Dawkins, Stephen Hawking, Karl Marx and Thomas Edison were a bunch of ridiculous and absurd people! AI has a unique skill in manipulating the Arabic language, picking up vast elegant words, often being harsh and patronising, to impress his audience and make them believe that he (AI) has equal intelligence and knowledge, if not greater, than these great scientists and philosophers.


Supernatural and mystical capabilities - all confirmed personally by AI under three categories: 

2.1 Hypnotising: AI managed to hypnotise the supervisors during his university acceptance exam. He was able to control the supervisors,  not only to get them to help him doing his exam paper, but also to divert their attention so that some of the exam’s attendees, his colleagues, could exchange information unnoticed. 

2.2  Transferring energy by a hand touch: AI discovered that he could switch on a light bulb that was not connected to any power source! It happened in his friend’s flat when AI turned on a dummy switch and the light came on! ‘Allah is the great’, his friend screamed, saying: ‘this switch is not connected to the bulb, it is only a dummy switch, the right switch is on the other side, yet the light came on. It must be a miracle!’. AI was not surprised and simply said: ‘Allah is capable of doing anything and he could have manifested this through anyone if he so wished’.

2.3  Seeing and communicating with jinn: AI said that Allah had exposed the so-called hidden world of jinn to him and gave him the ability to communicate with them. He mentioned two incidents of seeing jinn. On one occasion, while he was getting ready to pray, a few Muslim jinn approached him and asked him for Allah’s blessing. On another occasion, he saw a blond female jinni with blue eyes sitting calmly on a chair but when he tried to approach her, she disappeared in the wink of an eye!


Excellent for telling fairy tales: AI is great believer that Allah granted many supernatural gifts to selected righteous Muslims. Here are a couple of examples that AI mentioned in his video:

3.1  Shaikh ‘Abdul Qadir Al Gilani (1077-1166), the preacher who used to address his audiences of over 100,000. He used to sit high up in the air without any support beneath him, so he could see everyone in his massive audience. He had the ability to communicate with the furthest person in his audience without a microphone, something that did not exist at the time.

3.2  Two righteous men, who used to live in Damascus, were both known to fly in the air, possibly using the magic carpet as their means of transport. One of the men was seen flying up to the nearby mountain and the other used to go visiting villages around Damascus, entering people’s homes through their windows. According to AI, the two men’s adventures were reported by the trustworthy Muslim scholar ‘Ibn Taymyyah’ (1263-1328).


A gynaecologist who knows something exceptional about women menstruation!

This is the big surprise! Women do menstruate through their anuses – a punishment that Allah gives women who hate Mohamed’s family! The woman that is been punished with anus's  menstruation is called ‘Salaqlaq’. 

AI confirmed his gynaecological discovery quoting a specific hadith from the book ‘To clear the respected Sharia Law from fabricated hadiths’ (page 399, hadith 157). I think the book is only available in Arabic (تنزيه الشريعة المرفوعة عن الأخبار الشنيعة)  and this is one of the links where the book can be reviewed on line:

My comment:   

- How dare AI, or anyone, make such outrageous accusations and ridiculous disrespectful remarks about great scientists and intellectual people such as Thomas Edison, Stephen Hawking and Richard Dawkins. We are indebted to those people with their marvellous enlightenment and the many vital inventions they have brought to mankind. Remarks of these sort show the sheer ignorance and arrogance of whoever makes them!

-   We need to ask AI how could he ignore Allah's  and Mohamed's instructions to be honest and not to cheat, as cheating is a major sin in Islam. Should one assume that AI has special exception from Allah for his hard effort of preaching and advertising for Islam?

-  It is so ridiculous to hear a so-called educated man saying women do menstruate through their anuses! With this remark, AI showed how ignorant he is even with the basic issues of ‘Rectal Bleeding’, a symptom that can affect any male or female due to many reasons which the advanced medical science has clearly identified. It is a fact that so far none of the female’s rectal bleeding was ever attributed to menstruation.    

-  One wonders why AI did not apply for James Randy’s One Million Dollar prize that was offered to anyone who could prove any supernatural event or phenomenon. AI could have whisked away the million dollars in no time. If he is not interested in the prize, he could have at least helped his people at Jericho, giving them some free electricity from his blessed hand. I am sure his people would be over the moon to receive such help, the basic necessity of which they have been short of for some time. 

Note : The above is a true summary translation of the Arabic talks delivered  by Adnan Ibrahim in the  video clips attached to this page.

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