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The ISLAM Delusion 

The Faith that May Destroy the World

Volume 1 of 2 

Talal Al Rawandi


The author is unaware of any affiliation, funding, or financial holdings

that might be perceived as affecting the objectivity of this book.

Copyright © 2019 Talal Al Rawandi

ISBN - Paperback: 9781676432289

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other non-commercial uses permitted by copyright law. For permission requests, write to the publisher.



This book is not meant to ridicule Muslims, but to provide evidence for those who embrace Islam. I challenge them to reconsider and re-evaluate their Islamic faith - without the mind control so often exercised by psychotic, confused, and emotionally repressed individuals. Have you been told the truth about the Islamic faith? Are you sure? Or have you been misled by a fabricated doctrine based on delusions and myths? Is Islam a religion of peace or is it the doctrine that has caused so much destruction and suffering over the last 14 centuries?
In this book I give you solid evidence of the truth that all religious people, especially Muslims, need to be made aware of. The truth contained in this book has the power to save future generations from the slavery and abuse of religious mind control. 

There are two kinds of people who seek the truth: those who want to know the truth and those who are looking for anything to justify their faith - that which has been thrust upon them as absolute truth.

The evidence we hear or read is debatable, but I believe it can be unequivocally confirmed as true or false when objectively challenged by a critical and free-thinking mind equipped with sound logic, reason, and proven scientific facts.

Talal Al Rawandi


Preface 6


Can Islam be reformed as a religion of peace? 14

Chapter 2 - ALLAH 17

The All-Powerful - The Omnipotent 19

The All-Merciful, All-Compassionate 19

The All-Knowing, The Perfectly Wise, The Just 22

The Source of Peace, the Loving One 23

The Avenger 27

The Watchful One 28

The One Who Answers Prayer 29

The Forgiving 29

Conclusion 30

Chapter 3 - MOHAMED 30

Significant Events 31

Mohamed’s marriage to Aisha 31

The Banu Qurayza Tribe (BQT) massacre 34

The Battle of the Trench 34

This is what happened after the Meccans retreated 36

Why did Mohamed choose to wipe out the BQT? 36

The brutal killing of the mother of Qirfa 39

Mohamed marrying his adopted son’s wife 41

The brutal killing of people from Ukil “Bani Orena” 45

Killing Kab Ibn Al-Ashraf and Abu Rafi 46

Stoning the adulterous mother 47

It is permissible to have sex with captive women. 50

Mohamed's perspective on and assessment of women 51

Mohamed’s ego and self-admiration 54

Mohamed's feelings towards his parents 56

Chapter 4 - The QURAN 61

The Quran is not a Wonderful Insight 61

Refuting stereotypical claims about the Quran 62

Is the Quran, in fact, a divine book? 63

Why did Mohamed have to reintroduce llah 63

The improved Allah should be widely publicized. 64

Allah praises Mohamed, assigns him a particular mission. 65

Asserting Allah's backing for Mohamed 66

It is finalised; Allah is unquestionable. 67

Men's chauvinism is sanctioned. 67

Making women feel humiliated and degraded 68

Cursing and transforming people into apes and pigs 68

Declare that anyone who wage war against Allah and Mohamed will be crucified and disfigured. 69

Execution of all war captives 69

When should people mix socially? 69

Mohamed is blamed as well. 70

Obsession with narcissism 70

Having an infinite number of wives and concubines 71

Endorsing of his marriage to the ex-wife of his adoptive son 71

Getting rid of his obnoxious supporters 72

Assigning one-fifth of the war booty to himself 72

Quitting himself from his oath 72

Preventing his wives from remarrying after his death 73

Having Allah personally take vengeance on his opponents 73

Making amends for what he felt was lacking in his life 74

Is the Quran a perfect text? 75

Is the Quran a clear book? 78

The Vague Combinations of Letters and Codes 79

The Quranic text is often confusing 80

Is the Quran myth-free? 86

Noah 87

The heifer's story 88

Queen of Sheba - Balkis 89

Jonah 90

Conclusion: 91

Can the Quran be challenged? 91

Has there been any suggestion of a challenge to the Quran? 92

Is the text of the Quran eloquent and unique? 94

Does the Quran express its verses in the clearest manner? 94

Is the clarity and eloquence of the Quran preserved in translation? 98

Is the Quran a masterpiece of the Arabic language? 99

Is the Quran a perfect source of morality? 100

Slavery 101

Wife-beating is allowed. 101

Whenever you come across infidels, kill them. 102

The Quran has savage brutality passages. 102

The best way for a Muslim to paradise is to kill or be killed. 103

Is paedophilia taught in the Quran? 104

Allah is sharing spoils. 104

The mutilation of bodies is authorized by Islam's God. 105

Muslims are allowed to have sex with their slaves. 105

Do not associate with persons of different religions. 105

Is this the kind of serenity that Allah desires? 106

Pillaging 106

Misogynism 106

Adoption, Allah, and Mohamed 108

The final verdict on the Quran 108


Sharia Law's Sources 110

Sharia Law's Branches 110

Sharia law is not appropriate for humanity. 109

Chapter 6: 


Introduction 116

God’s definition 117

What are the qualities of God? 117

What is the purpose of creating the universe and mankind? 118

Is it true that God intervenes in human affairs? 119

The proof for the existence of God 120

The ‘Five Ways’ 121

The Argument in Support of the Motion 121

The Argument for Causation 121

The Cosmological Argument of Kalam 124

The Argument from Ontology 125

So, what about proof of Allah's existence? 125

Conclusion 132


I had no idea I was infected with a virus that has the capacity to paralyse the human mind and prevent it from thinking freely and critically. It's a potent illness that's been quietly growing for thousands of years: the religious brainwashing virus. By preying on defenceless children and the illiterate masses fed by the media, it is now able to dominate and abuse its victims. At the age of seven, I was kidnapped by Islamic theology and held captive by their god for many years. I spent the most of my time in the mosque, where I learned about Islam, prayed, and memorised the Quran. I was completely devoted to Allah, the Islamic God, and his claimed prophet Mohamed. I had been brainwashed.

Despite my strong confidence in Allah, I was eager to learn more about Him. My curiosity motivated me to inquire of someone I knew who was well-versed in the Islamic faith. My first inquiry was, "Who created Allah, and from where did he come?" When I was taught that these questions were asked by Satan to divert our attention away from Allah, I was stunned! And it was suggested that I recite the Quran's chapter on constancy to maintain my faith: "Say, "Allah is One, Allah is the Everlasting Refuge." He neither begets nor is born, and there is no one who can compare to Him." This Quranic chapter contains all Muslims are permitted to know about Allah, and it is intended to protect Muslims from Satan. My urgent inquiries were thus quiet, yet they lingered in my mind. Why does Allah have an unlimited army of angels to do his job, worship, and glorify him if he is entirely self-sufficient?

I looked for answers in the Quran, Mohamad's teachings, and the writings of Muslim scholars, all of whom claimed to have been enlightened by Allah to lead us. All I discovered was a primitive faith based on irrational beliefs and fairy tales that had nothing to do with truth or logic.

The turning point

I travelled a lot and talked with individuals from many walks of life, all with different religious beliefs, levels of knowledge, and backgrounds. After graduating in England, I travelled to the United States and a number of European and Asian nations, working in Syria, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates for several years. It was distressing to see Muslim countries run by corrupt, wasteful tyrants who have no moral conscience or regard for human rights.

Many Muslim-majority countries, particularly Arab ones that have implemented Sharia, the so-called divine law, see a wide range of human misery, injustice, persecution, slavery, and, worst of all, the catastrophic damage brought on by religious conflict.

Allah could simply have revealed irrefutable evidence of His existence and of Islam as the only authentic religion. He is the God who does not require adoration but demands it, who does not require creation but does so anyhow, despite the fact that most of his wretched creatures will suffer as a result. 

He is the God who wants us to love and obey him freely, but who also threatens us if we don't. Allah opted to connect with his human beings through a succession of prophets chosen at random, but he decided to stop communicating with humans 1400 years ago. He is the All-Perfect, who sent three divine books but let the first two be ruined before deciding to protect the third, which He might have done from the start. 

He is the All-Knowing One, who has made his messages so unclear and easy to misunderstand that people would dispute and kill each other for the rest of their lives over them. He is the Merciful One who puts his poor animals to the test by murdering, starving, and afflicting them with diseases, calamities, and birth deformities, then punishing them when they lose faith in him.

If there is a God, I cannot think he is so cruel as to torture his flawed and limited beings indefinitely, as Islam's God declares in his Koran: "Their bellies and skins will be melted by boiling water poured on their heads. Iron rods will be fastened to them, and when they try to flee Hell in their terror, they will be dragged back..." (22:19-22 in the Qur'an).

I have no doubt that Islamic teaching eliminates free critical thinking in favour of irrational inconsistencies between Allah and Mohammed - the kind of superstition to which one must blindly succumb since one has been brainwashed into believing that Allah and Mohammed are true.

What is the subject of this book?

The purpose of this book is to demonstrate the empirical facts that has convinced me that Islam is not a divine revelation. This book also tries to reveal the hidden dangers of Islamic teachings, as well as the tragic consequences that Muslims have faced as a result of blindly following individuals who claim to be empowered by Allah to guide humanity on the right road. I'll focus on Islam because it's the faith I've practised and studied extensively for many years.

In Volume One: 

In the first chapter, Islam is debunked as a peaceful religion. The alleged authenticity of Allah and Muhammad is examined in Chapters 2 and 3. The Qur'an did not come from a divine source, according to Chapter Four. The concepts of Sharia and the negative implications of its application will be discussed in Chapter 5. In the last chapter, I will go over all of the evidence offered to support Allah's existence. I will also summarise my conclusion and explain why the Islamic god 'Allah' isn't a good contender for a divine being.

Chapter One of Volume Two will demonstrate that the Quran is not a book of scientific wonders. The Islamic propaganda and brainwashing apparatus that have been working for the past 1400 years are exposed in Chapter Two. The third chapter examines the history of the Islamic world, emphasising the turmoil that Islam has wreaked on its adherents for the past 14 centuries. The attacker presents whatever he imagines as incontrovertible truth, and the victim's mind can be fooled and influenced in Chapter 4.

The fifth chapter explores where we get our morality and if we need God to act appropriately. In the final chapter, I shall express my opinion on Islamic doctrines and explain why. I'll also discuss the following step: adopting a free mind and embracing reason and scientific evidence, which would make people better off without religion.

Religious fanatics and their supporters are likely to react angrily to my book, labelling me "Islamophobic" and "anti-Islamic." Religious extremists and others who share their beliefs have a basic, black-and-white worldview: either submit and accept our faith or you are wicked and should be battled and eliminated! People who have been misled actively oppose freedom of speech and human progress. Freedom of speech is essential to democracy, and everyone should be able to say what they believe as long as they do not threaten or use violence.

I hope that this book will assist millions of people in breaking free from the slavery of religious thought control that humanity has been subjected to for thousands of years. It will assist people in resisting the theological illness that has for centuries excused hideous cruelty and violence.

I appreciate people's decision to follow a certain faith. Similarly, I would expect others to accept my right to be a non-believer who recognises that the blood shed as a result of religious brainwashing far outweighs the moral ideals that religion so falsely claims to uphold.

Believe in whatever God you want, but don't threaten me with it or label me your worst enemy because I don't share your beliefs.


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