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Al Rawandi Apostates Protection Society - RAPS

About Us

The mission of RAPS to address the safety, inclusion, health, and wellbeing of all Non-religious individuals in the world and in particular those who are residing within the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA), through knowledge production, profiling new and emerging research and developing innovative programs.

Our Values

We are committed to the basic principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and derived from it the following core values:

Respect  - Equality - Equity - Accountability - Intersectionality - Integrity  - Transparency

Our Objectives:

The objectives of RAPS are:

1- Emotional support and empowerment.

2- To present as many references and sources as possible that help the non-religious to confirm their conviction to get out of the cage of religiousness and servitude to an invisible God.

3- Create the necessary environment for meetings, whether face-to-face or in private rooms, to discuss and debate religious issues and any personal issues related to this matter.

4- Assist in the activation of legal cases for the defense of human rights in the event of abuse or threats against any non-religious person.

5- Following all that concerns the activation of intellectual advancement to deal with and refute the myths of religions and the false allegations concerning the inimitability of the holy books and the miracles of the so-called messengers of heaven through the contributions of experts in: Religions, Language, History of religions, Especially of the Islamic heritage, Mental philosophy, Women's rights from a feminist perspective. 

To simulate causality and argumentation and to refute the metaphysical concept for the so-called who make existence and who exist, human evolution and origins of living beings, ethical references, psychology of human nature, cosmic and physical sciences, human medicine, more precisely the nature of human brain, its behaviour and disorders, with focus on epilepsy and schizophrenia.

6- To provide financial support to help in an emergency situation through fundraising, which will be exclusively from members.

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